Roller blind FAKRO ARS - II colour group

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Manually operated roller blind FAKRO ARS ensures protection of privacy and provides the interior with decorative accents. Roller blind ARS reduces amount of sunlight, enhances aesthetics of the interior, and a wide range of colourful materials allows matching the blind’s material to the interior of each room. In combination with the FAKRO awning blind AMZ they constitute an effective protection against strong heating.

Roller blind FAKRO ARS is a fabric rolled up on a shaft with the spring. It is equipped with an aesthetic aluminium strip, which covers the roller’s shaft. This roller blind can be stopped in 3 positions with the use of hooks mounted to the window.

The benefits of using the FAKRO ARS roller blind:

  • possibility of stopping the roller in three different positions
  • blinds are a perfect match for FAKRO roof windows, ensuring easy installation
  • high quality, elegant and fade resistant material
  • durability of colors
  • the indoor is protected against the UV radiation
  • a completely covered blind provides the privacy
  • easy to clean - the blind can be cleaned with wet cloth or sponge
  • an aesthetic aluminium strip that covers the blind's roll-up shaft
  • 2-year FAKRO's warranty

Roller blinds FAKRO ARS do not have blackout properties - it is determined by fabric kind. If you are interested in the total blackout, here you will find blackout blinds FAKRO.

The original FAKRO roller blinds match the most types of FAKRO roof windows (among others FTS, FTP) including the most popular sizes 78x118 (78/118) and 78x140 (78/140). If you are not sure the size of your FAKRO roof window, send us a photo of the product identification label from your FAKRO window to our e-mail address:

Please note: there may be slight differences between patterns and colours in the photos and real materials.

Roller blind FAKRO ARS installation:

Our online store delivers original FAKRO loft blinds at attractive prices throughout Ireland, therefore to such cities as: Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick.